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Emergency Road Closures



Message from NNDC Highways

If you have any specific highway maintenance issues, we would be grateful for any information to ensure these issues are considered by the Inspector who will be taking account of maintenance needs of the road network in your area.


Our key concern is maintaining the essential elements with regard to the  safety of the highway  network, with this in mind our highest priority -


  • Potholes – an accurate location and dimensions (including depth) really help us to judge their priority.

  • Regular incidences of Standing water/ flooding – location and area affected are important, in addition any knowledge of any features which may be blocked, does the ponding eventually clear over time, does this only occur during heavy rain. Recently heavy rain falls and wash from fields has caused issues over which we sometimes have no control. We can clear gulley pots and back ditches and grips within the highway boundary.

  • Mud on road – this is a common occurrence in our  rural community. If this repeatedly affects highway users ability to travel, is not signed in advance or is simply left following  farming activity, the most useful information is contact details of the responsible party. Be assured that this information is completely confidential, we will not disclose any details of an enquiry.


Should you wish to add any work, for consideration by the Inspector, please email these to including RANGER and YOUR PARISH NAME in the subject title. Please provide as much information as possible including the exact location and specific concerns. We aim to provide feedback on the work which has been carried out during the visit this will follow within a few weeks. At any time please feel free to contact us to discuss any maintenance questions or concerns you may have. Please keep in mind that our resources and access to materials may affect our ability to respond to some lower priority defects

Thank you in advance for any information you can offer to assist with our service during this difficult time


Jerome Mayhew M.P. will be visiting the Parish on Wednesday 24th August at 4pm.


He will be at the Residents’ notice board at 12 Rose Walk, Wicken Green Village, NR217QF.


Jerome had a very enjoyable visit last year and would like to meet as many Tattersett Parishioners as he is able and to answer any questions that you may have.

The Carers Matter service in Norfolk has now been refreshed since 1st September to provide additional support to unpaid carers in Norfolk. We are keen to reach out to as many carers as possible to let them know about the changes and encourage them to get in touch. The Carers Matter Norfolk service on behalf of Norfolk County Council now offers Carers assessments, support, advice and information. The advice line is open 7 days a week and can refer to the Community Carer Connector team who can provide one to one information and support.


The refreshed service wants to improve the health and well-being of carers and their capacity to fulfil their caring role. Along with Carers Assessments the service now offers carers breaks, health and wellbeing fund, education and training and a follow up service to check in with carers to ensure they have the support they need. You can find out further information by visiting

Further information about Carers Matter

Carers Matter

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